Napaway UltraLiner

The Next-Generation High-Capacity Team Sleeper Coach. Introducing: the Ultraliner

Napaway UltraLiner High Capacity Sleeper Coach

We’re increased the sleeping capacity of Napaway’s premium coaches to accommodate a larger team roster! The Napaway UltraLiner seats up to 36 and sleeps up to 28, all in individual, private, 6.5-foot-long beds.

The UltraLiner is uniquely high-capacity among coaches that are compliant with post-2016 seatbelt and emergency exit laws—making it ideal for larger teams or those with larger coaching staffs.

Arrive well rested, relaxed,  and ready to play!
✓ Room to stretch out
✓ Private space for every rider
✓ Individually configurable
✓ Enough beds for all players, coaches, and staff
✓ Skip the cost of hotel rooms
Perfect for both daytime and overnight travel 

The UltraLiner is coming soon! Please contact us to learn more and pre-book.
If you are a bus operator, contact us for details on how to partner with Napaway and add the UltraLiner to your fleet!

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If you are a coach operator and are interested in partnering with Napaway, please reach out to partnerships@napaway.com