What is Napaway /

Napaway is a new type of premium sleeper coach service that offers comfortable, convenient, overnight journeys between cities across the country.

Our private suites and lie-flat beds offer the perfect alternative to the stress and discomfort of air travel: a human-focused experience that’s easy, relaxing, and socially distanced by default.

Napaway - Premium Sleeper Coach


Board. Relax. Nap. Arrive. It’s that simple.

Leave on time, every time.

No schlepping to the airport, no trudging through TSA checkpoints, no waiting for an open runway. Just arrive, board, and you’re off.


More privacy = less stress.

Travel in the privacy and comfort of your personal suite. Watch a movie, read a book, or get some work done—and never fight over an armrest again.


Travel in comfort.

Our patented Butterfly seats are built for comfort and flexibility. Want to do some work? Convert your suite into a private office, complete with a desk and outlets. Ready to relax? Switch your seats into lounge mode and surf the web.

Board. Relax. Nap. Arrive. It’s that simple.

Stay connected.

With in-suite power outlets, free high-speed WiFi, and a 24/7 entertainment suite, you’re never off the grid (unless you want to be!)


Get ZZZs with ease.

Ready for a snooze? Convert your suite into your own private bedroom. We’ll provide the pillows, the blankets, the eye masks, and the… well, you get the idea.  With 40” of hip width in your 6.5–foot lie-flat bed (compared to just 25” in business class), you’ll be napping in no time. Oh: and did we mention the 2.5-inch-thick memory foam mattress pad?

Arrive refreshed and ready to roll.

Our coaches are made for comfort, not capacity. With our spacious private suites, patented convertible Butterfly seats (bedtime-ready whenever you are), and onboard entertainment system, every aspect of the Napaway experience is designed to leave you refreshed, rested, and ready to roll. Plus, Napaway coaches arrive at convenient, centrally-located arrival points—so when we say “prepare for arrival”, we actually mean it. 

Ditch the hassle and travel like a human being.

Ditch the chaos of the airport, the overcrowded flights, and the stress of getting from A to B. Travel in an easier, more comfortable way. Because no matter who you are or where you’re going, you deserve to travel like a human being.