Board. Relax. Nap. Arrive. It’s that simple.

Your personal suite

Napaway's Butterfly suites are designed for comfort, privacy, and versatility.

Napaway - Premium Sleeper Coach
Each personal suite includes:
  • Over 13 square feet of usable space.
  • Two seats that can be folded down into one 6.5-foot-long, 40”-wide lie-flat bed.
  • A ½”-inch memory foam mattress pad.
  • A pillow (a real one, not an airline pillow), plus sheets, blankets, and everything else you need for a great night’s sleep.
  • A proprietary 14”x13” fold-out desk with tons of handy features.
  • In seat power outlets, USB ports, cup holders, and pockets a-plenty.
Board. Relax. Nap. Arrive. It’s that simple.

The Napaway Nap Kit

To help you get the most restful experience possible, we offer free Napaway Nap Kits to every passenger.

Board. Relax. Nap. Arrive. It’s that simple.
Each kit includes:
  • A Napaway eye mask.
  • A set of earplugs.
  • A toothbrush (plus toothpaste).
  • Face wipes.
  • A bottle of water.
Board. Relax. Nap. Arrive. It’s that simple.

WiFi and Entertainment

Don’t feel like catching some ZZZs just yet? Don’t worry. We offer a free, one-of-a-kind entertainment package that includes:

Napaway - Premium Sleeper Coach
  • High-speed WiFi—more than fast enough to stream Netflix, Hulu, or kitten videos (hey, we don’t judge).
  • Our onboard library of movies and TV shows that you can access free on any device.
  • Super-convenient ways to mount your devices (so your arms don’t get tired while you’re watching Friends for the 16th time).