Partnerships Overview

About Napaway

What is Napaway?

Napaway is a new kind of premium coach service that combines the comfort, privacy, and service of a first-class airline suite with the convenience and flexibility of bus travel. Napaway operates as a brand through a network of strategic partner operators to provide this service to customers across the country.

Are there different Napaway models?


  • Our standard version has 18 private, flexible suites (each with their own full-flat bed) that convert to 36 business-class seats.
  • Our UltraLiner model boasts the same standard 18 Butterfly flexible suites, but includes up to 10 additional overhead bunks—increasing the sleeping capacity to 28.
  • Hybrid versions that include our proprietary suites along with regular seating can be considered on a case-by-case basis, particularly for line-run services.
Why is Napaway the best, most flexible premium coach / sleeper bus available?

Each Napaway coach can be used in a variety of ways, within a variety of different use cases. Depending on need, Napaway coaches can be:

  • A best-in-class sleeper: sleeping up to 18 passengers in a standard configuration (28 for the Ultra-Liner), offering each passenger a full-flat, super-comfortable, 6.5-foot-long bed within their private suite. Each bed can also convert into two business-class, extra-legroom seats—so groups with more than 18 passengers can also travel in comfort.
  • First class day coach: each of our 18 private suites is perfect for high-comfort daytime use. This makes Napaway extremely attractive for major league and D-1 college athletic programs, touring entertainment groups, executive groups, and beyond.
  • A 36-passenger business-class coach with extra-legroom seats.
  • A substitute for a standard 55 passenger coach. For any group of 36 or less, a Napaway coach can be substituted in for a regular-seated coach.


How can I become a partner in the Napaway network?

You can join the Napaway network as a partner operator for charter services, line-run services, or both.

How do Napaway charter partnerships work?
  • Napaway charter partners become the exclusive providers for a particular region. In other words: if you have availability, nobody else is allowed to compete for trips in your region!
  • You are free to set your own pricing and schedules.
  • You purchase and install the Napaway seating system with no margin to Napaway.
  • Napaway receives royalties which vary depending on the pricing premium you are able to achieve.
How do partnerships work for line-run service?

Line-run partnership structures differ based on a number of factors, including (but not limited to) whether you have an existing line-run business, where you are located, and most importantly, the type of partnership that you are interested in. We offer partnerships based on revenue percentages, fixed price operator contracts, and beyond.

Do I have to do both line-run and charter services as a Napaway partner?

While we would love for some of our charter partners to eventually become line-run partners, this is not required.

How do I get started as a Napaway partner?

Send us an email at partnerships@napaway.com, or give us a call at 1-833-NAPAWAY to discuss further (and to get an NDA in place for sharing more detailed information).

Does Napaway currently have any partners?

Yes, our partnership with Black Tie Transportation (article link) has been on the road since May with strong booking flow and very positive customer reviews

The Installation Process

How does the installation of Napaway’s seating system work?

The installation of our seating system is a simple and straightforward process that does not require any rebuilding of a coach. Our system is designed to fit within the existing interior, and is bolted to the seat track.

The only non-standard element that’s required is a second seat track along the ground. This can be included in the factory spec for a new coach, or can be installed by Prevost onto an existing coach.

Where does installation happen?

If the installation of a second track is needed, this conversion will be completed at the Prevost service center in Quebec City. We likewise have a preferred installation partner located in Quebec City that can manage the combined track and seat installation process. If a partner wants to complete the seat installation at a different location, we may be able to accommodate this.


How long does it take?

Seat installation takes approximately 1 week, with an additional 2 weeks for installation of a second rail if required.

What if it doesn’t work for me—can I return the coach to its original condition?

Yes! Because installation does not require any significant alterations to the coach interior, it can be reversed. Napaway suites can be unbolted and removed, and the previously existing seats reinstalled.

Can we use a new coach? What about an existing coach from our fleet or a used coach?

Yes, both are options. Existing coaches from your fleet or used coaches (2017 model or later) are acceptable—they just require installation of a second seat track. New coaches can be spec’d to include the second track from the factory.

What kind of coaches can be used?

Prevost H3-45 coaches are the preferred model. Prevost X3-45 coaches can also be considered. The UltraLiner uses a Prevost X3-45 VIP shell.

Is the high capacity UltraLiner different?

Yes, the UltraLiner uses a Prevost H3-45 VIP shell (new or used), and additional time is required to build out of the overhead bunks.

Is everything FMVSS compliant?

Yes, our seating system is compliant with FMVSS 210 and FMVSS 302. Pull tests have been performed, and documentation can be provided upon request.


What are the branding requirements for Napaway partners?

Napaway coaches in charter service are typically co-branded with our partners. Branding requirements for line-run operations depend on the details of that operation.

How many coaches do I need to start with in order to partner with Napaway?

We prefer all charter partners to start with two Napaway coaches, for scale and redundancy reasons. Starting with one coach is also an option depending on the region.

What are the benefits of partnering with Napaway for charter service?

Differentiated Product...

Get a differentiated product that can attract customer loyalty and premium rates in a largely commoditized industry. We can help you win new customers, and expand business with existing customers.

Low-Risk Differentiation...

Because our seats our factory-manufactured and designed to be quickly and easily installed onto an existing coach,—and because of the straightforward process of putting back in regular seats if you don’t like working with Napaway—we’re able to help you differentiate your product with low risk to you. In addition, even with our seats installed, the coach can still be used as stand in for a regular coach for any group of 36 or fewer. 

Win Ancillary Business...

Many groups want Napaway coaches for some trips, while using regular coaches for other trips—and sometimes, a combination of both. Being a Napaway partner puts you in pole position to win the regular coach business that goes along with Napaway trips.

Brand Recognition...

Enjoy the brand recognition that comes from our national marketing and line-run business, and central marketing support from Napaway corporate.

Safety in Numbers...

Being a part of a network of operators means that there are opportunities to find an equivalent replacement coach if something happens mechanically before a trip, on the road, or in case of overbooking. Additionally, this network allows for the opportunity to lease or reposition coaches seasonally or for special events.

Centralized Sourcing, Development of Processes, and Best Practices...

At Napaway, we spend our time optimizing for a premium experience—both for passengers and operators. We provide bulk sourcing of items including bedding, amenity kits, and beyond, as well as the processes to manage these items on a day-to-day basis. We also work with our partners to develop best practices for operating, marketing (including marketing materials), and passenger experience—best practices which then get shared across our operator network.

What are the benefits to partnering with Napaway for line-run service?

Gain a First-Class Offering...

Acquire a differentiated first-class product that attracts a higher-end and less price-sensitive customer base than typical bus line runs.

Increased Flexibility and Better Margins...

 Offer a multi-class service aboard the same coach, with first-class suites for less price-sensitive customers—while still filling up the coach at a lower price point.

All-in-One Support...

Be part of a branded network, with ticket sales and marketing support from Napaway Corporate.

Can you tell me more about the seats?

How do the suites work?

Within each Napaway suite, you will find a set of two extra-legroom seats—one staggered slightly in front of the other. Upright, they can be used as two separate business-class seats. Or, as one private suite, you can lie one flat to create a sofa—which we call lounge mode. Or, lay them both flat to create a 6.5-foot-long bed, in which you can relax while sitting, or sleep.

Can I see more pictures?

Yes, please follow this OneDrive link for a folder of photos and videos of version 1 and the latest version 2.

Are there seatbelts?

Yes, there are three-point seatbelts at every seated position, and a two-point seatbelt for each bed.

Are the seats patented?

Yes, the suites were developed and patented by our partners Butterfly Flexible Seating Solutions.

How does marketing work?

Who does the marketing for charter?

Everybody. Napaway handles national-level marketing and works to build brand awareness, referring any trips in your region that are sourced by our marketing or sales team (or that are requested on our website) to you.

Partners market the product to their existing customers and other potential local customers.

Is there a marketing benefit from Napaway’s line-run business?

Yes! Napaway’s line-run business has received significant public and media attention. It has been profiled in the New York Times, Washington Post, Good Morning America and many other outlets. This also provides brand awareness for the charter business.

What is the primary customer base?

For charter, the core customer base is athletic teams (including collegiate, minor league and major league), as well as entertainment groups, executive groups, corporations, colleges, tour groups and retail clients.

For line-run, the core customer is intercity travelers in the upper half of the income distribution.