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Napaway is ideal for sports bus charters. Our sports transportation services make away games and road trips a breeze—so your players can arrive rested, relaxed, and ready to play.

Napaway currently works with organizations of all levels—from high schools to major league franchises—to provide regional and long-distance sports team bus charter service.  Whether your basketball team needs a sleeper bus charter for its next road trip, or whether your football team needs seats that can make even the biggest defensive linemen comfortable, Napaway is the answer.

Napaway coaches can accommodate 36 passengers, each with their own business-class extra-legroom seat—or 18 passengers in their own private first-class suites, complete with lie-flat beds. Or, a mix of both! 

For charter inquiries, please fill out the form below or reach out to To learn more—or for urgent inquiries—please call (833)-NAPAWAY. (833-627-2929)

Napaway Interior Space


No more cramming into tiny seats or arriving at games (or back home) sore and achy. Each Napaway suite features 13 square feet of usable space—plenty of room to stretch out for even the largest and tallest athletes.


Each Napaway suite can be converted into two business-class, extra-legroom seats. Suites are converted individually, so total coach capacity is anywhere between 18 and 36 passengers. Want each player to relax in their own suite, while still ensuring there are seats for the coaching staff? No problem!

Napaway Tray Table


Onboard Wi-Fi and full-sized tray tables (large enough for a laptop and more) give athletes the opportunity to productively finish homework, study, or watch game film while on the road.​

Napaway Sleeping Passenger


Traveling regionally? Players can nap comfortably after a long game. On a road trip? Athletes can sleep soundly in their 6.5-foot-long lie-flat beds. Each suite comes supplied with a mattress pad, a pillow, and a blanket—for the best night’s sleep on the road, period.

Napaway Coach Exterior


Bring all of your team equipment and gear with you—our coaches have the most baggage space in the industry.

Napaway is available for sports team bus charters in throughout the mid-Atlantic, northeast, midwest, south, and beyond. Other locations are also available; please contact us to learn more!

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