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Photo by Nick Owuor (astro.nic.visuals) on Unsplash

The Napaway Experience: Ordinary Sleeper Bus or Premium Coach?

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If you’ve never ridden a sleeper bus before, we won’t fault you. This travel experience isn’t exactly common (yet). And unlike all those tightly-packed airlines that value efficiency and profit over the comfort and wellbeing of their travelers, overnight bus travel offers tons of perks.

But: are all sleeper buses the same? Of course not! As with any method of travel, some options shoot for the status quo while others (wink wink) blaze a trail—which is why we’re comparing ordinary sleeper bus travel with the premium experience offered by our Napaway coach!

First Off, What Is a Sleeper Bus? 

A sleeper bus is exactly what it sounds like—a bus that’s designed to let travelers sleep during their journey! 

The average sleeper bus is much more comfortable than typical medium-distance airline travel, which focuses on packing as many people as possible into compact seats. And as the name suggests, a sleeper bus offers you the chance to rest and relax while you make your way to your destination.

How Does a Sleeper Bus Differ From Other Charter Buses?

Instead of a tight seat with minimal legroom—like you’d find on a charter bus—a sleeper bus allows you to stretch out without worrying about getting too cozy with your neighbors. 

However, on an ordinary sleeper bus, upgrades can be marginal and the average experience leaves much to be desired. 

This is where our Napaway coach excels—but we’ll get to that later.

What Are the Advantages of a Sleeper Bus?

The normal sleeper bus experience can be summed up in three points. 

Hassle-Free: No Insane Baggage or Security Lines

Air travel is synonymous with hours-long baggage delays, inconvenient (and expensive) rides to and from the airport, and endless security lines. 

Of course, airplanes can cover long distances faster than a sleeper bus—but anytime you fly, you automatically have to add at least 3–5 hours to your total travel time. 

That’s time you could be relaxing in the comfort of a sleeper bus instead!

You Don’t Have to Drive Yourself

Few things make an early morning meeting worse than having to drive through the night prior. The normal sleeper bus experience still offers a chance to relax while you make your way to your destination. 

Sleeper Buses Are Much More Eco-Friendly Than Flying

It’s no secret that air travel is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. A sleeper bus only consumes a fraction of the fuel required to travel the same distance by plane. 

Better yet, ground emissions don’t carry nearly the same impact that high-altitude emissions do, so a sleeper bus is much more eco-friendly than air travel.

What Makes a Napaway Coach Special?

Okay, so an ordinary sleeper bus affords travelers some measure of comfort. It’s fair to expect more legroom and maybe an adjustable seat—so it’s a clear upgrade over air travel or your average overnight bus travel experience. 

But that’s also not saying much, is it? The average sleeper bus experience could be better, right? That’s exactly where we come in. Our premium Napaway coach is anything but ordinary. 

Everything about our experience has been designed to benefit the traveler. Here’s how:

Each Personal Suite Offers Privacy 

With a Napaway coach, you don’t just get a seat—you get a suite: over 13 square feet to call your own. In fact, every traveler on a Napaway coach gets their own suite, which means you don’t have to worry about rude or nosy neighbors violating your personal space. And in the age of COVID, it means you’re socially distanced by default.

Everything on Our Coach Is Designed for Comfort

Whether you want to practice your perfect posture or kick back and relax, you have the twin luxuries of choice and space with Napaway. 

Free Entertainment Package Fights Travel-Induced Boredom…

Every Napaway ticket comes with a free high-speed WiFi package for streaming Netflix, Hulu, or our onboard library of movies and TV shows. And don’t worry about arm fatigue either: each suite is equipped with convenient device mounts that allow you to watch content hands-free.

…Or Convert Your Personal Suite into a Workspace to Stay Productive

If streaming The Office or Friends for the umpteenth time isn’t on your to-do list, a Napaway personal suite offers a fold-down desk, power outlets, USB ports, and plenty of additional space to ensure your workflow remains uninterrupted.

The Big Question: How Do You Sleep in a Napaway Coach?

Of course, we’re talking about sleeper bus travel. So, can you actually sleep in a Napaway Coach? 


Our Butterfly Seats Convert Into an Actual Lie-Flat Bed

Ordinary sleeper buses have fixed chairs that, sure, are an improvement over airplane seats. But how many people do you know who prefer to sleep sitting up? 

Our private Napaway Butterfly suite fixes this problem. 

The seats in each suite can be folded down into a bed—not an extended chair—an actual bed. As in, 6.5 feet of memory foam-lined mattress for exceptional comfort and relaxation. Better yet…

Our Coach Offers Free Amenities, Like Blankets and a (Real) Pillow

To make you feel even more at home, we offer each passenger a free Napaway Nap Kit that includes a real pillow—not an airline neck…thing—an eye mask, a set of earplugs, face wipes, a bottle of water, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and bedding. 

Plus, you’re welcome to bring any other amenities so long as they don’t disturb our other passengers.

Sleeper Bus & Napaway Coach FAQs

Before we wrap up, let’s cover a few lingering questions about ordinary sleeper buses and the premium Napaway coach.

Where Are Sleeper Buses Popular?

Sleeper buses are a relatively new concept here in the United States. By creating an experience that focuses entirely on traveler comfort and privacy, we’re setting the bar high!

How Many Seats Does Each Napaway Coach Have?

Each Napaway coach has 18 personal suites. 

The average sleeper bus has at least 30–40 seats as well as a lack of privacy or personal space.

Does Our Napaway Coach Have a Restroom?

Of course! Every Napaway coach is equipped with one restroom. And that’s one restroom per 18 people, not two or three restrooms for 150–200 people like you’d find on your average airplane.

Are There Different Types of Sleeper Buses?

Sure! On one hand, you have the average sleeper bus that crams 30-plus people into one space—and on the other, you have the Napaway coach that offers each passenger their own suite.

Conclusion: There’s No Better Option for Medium-Distance Travel

While an ordinary sleeper bus may be a (slight) improvement over air travel or standard overnight bus travel, the experience can’t compete with the premium offerings of a Napaway coach.

With Napaway, there are no crazy security or baggage lines. No neighbors invading your personal space. No cramped seats. You’re treated like a person instead of cargo. Isn’t that a better way to travel?