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Sports Transportation Services Done Better

If you’re looking into sports transportation services, chances are you know how few options exist to get a team from A to B. In fact, unless you’re flying, it’s an uncomfortable hassle. And even then, unless you’re flying business class (and if so, kudos), it’s still a strain on the players—especially larger players. After all, coach seats aren’t generally designed for 6-foot-7 power forwards!

That’s why at Napaway, we’re redefining what sports team transportation can be. Our proprietary seating system is ideal for athletes, and we’ve consistently garnered rave reviews from all of the sports programs we work with—including NFL franchises, Minor League Baseball and hockey squads, NCAA teams, and beyond. 

Below, we’re going to explain exactly what Napaway is, how it works, and why our sports team charter buses will give you an edge over the competition.

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The Issue with Existing Sports Team Transportation Services

Because the US doesn’t have a robust rail network, if your team isn’t flying (and again, that’s no picnic for larger players), it means you’re taking a sports team bus rental or a fleet of vans. And as we all know, sports buses aren’t particularly comfortable. Taking multiple minibuses or vans can offer more space per person, but they’re hardly conducive to team chemistry—not the ideal way to prepare for a match.

Riding a sports bus can make even the most conditioned players achey

Like we said, seats on conventional team buses—or even commercial airlines—aren’t built for larger athletes. Players shouldn’t get off the bus already exhausted and achy from an uncomfortable ride in a seat that’s too small, with “legroom” that doesn’t allow a player room to stretch their legs. That’s hardly a recipe for on-field success! 

Van fleets are hardly better

Many sports transportation providers also offer fleets of passenger vans. While taking multiple vans can be beneficial for taller and larger players (especially if you rent a lot of them so everyone has as much room as possible), they’re still not super comfortable. Plus, with everyone spread out in different vehicles, it’s hard to prepare together for a match. 

Plus, sports buses can limit your travel options

As we’ve pointed out, neither traditional team bus rentals nor fleets of passenger vans are ideal for sports team transportation. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. But one thing we’d also point out: both of these methods limit many teams’ travel options.

Why? Because you can’t travel into the night.

If you’re playing a night game, good luck getting your players to rest up in a seat they can’t even get comfortable in. This goes double for high school and college teams, in which players often need to spend their postgame hours studying. Trying to read in a passenger van? Trying to use textbooks in a single coach seat? Good luck.

The Napaway Difference

So: what is Napaway, and why is its athletic transportation service so much better than anything else out there?

Simply put, Napaway combines the comfort and privacy of a first-class airline suite with the flexibility and convenience of bus travel. 

It’s extremely comfortable for players, who can arrive at their destination refreshed, relaxed, and ready to win. Meanwhile, its flexible capacity, business-class seats (standard on all models), and large storage capacity ensure that teams and coaching staffs of all sizes have everything they need to compete at the highest level.

How Does Napaway Work?

Our flagship model, the Napaway Premium Coach, boasts 18 private suites—each equipped with two business class, extra-legroom, extra-shoulder-width seats that, together, can convert into a 6.5-foot-long lie-flat bed. This gives the coach a total capacity of 36, or 18 in a private-suite-only configuration (or anywhere in between). 

Our next-generation high-capacity sports team sleeper coach (the Napaway UltraLiner), on the other hand, seats up to 35 and sleeps up to 28—all in individual, private, 6.5-foot-long beds.

Additionally, the UltraLiner is the only high-capacity team sleeper coach that’s compliant with post-2016 seatbelt and emergency exit laws.

Why Napaway is Redefining What Sports Transportation Services Can Be

We’ve talked a bit about the issues with legacy sports transportation services, and we’ve talked about the ways in which Napaway is different from a normal coach. But what makes Napaway right for your sports team? How can it help your team compete at the highest level?

Even the largest athletes can ride in comfort and luxury

Forget stiff necks, achy legs, and sore backs. When your players ride Napaway, they’ll have access to seats and suites that aren’t just big enough—they’re more than big enough. And with premium comfort to boot! 

Each private Napaway suite boasts 13 square feet of space and, like we mentioned, each one of these suites also includes a pair of business-class, extra-legroom, extra-shoulder-width seats. 

If a player has a whole suite to his or herself, they can sit in comfort, fold one of the seats down to create a private lounge, or even fold both seats down to make a 6.5-foot-long bed with 40 inches of hip width. Whatever they choose, they’re getting the most comfortable ride around.

Flexible capacity ensures that everyone can ride together comfortably

Want the whole team and staff riding together but have more than 18 people? It’s no problem—players can each get a suite (so they can lie out in comfort) while the coaching staff rides in business-class seats. Or, for larger teams, everyone can get their own seat. Or, for smaller squads, everyone can take their own suite! 

Because it only takes a moment to convert seats into lounges or beds, each team can use the Napaway sports team bus how they see fit. 

You can travel into the night

There’s a reason we’re called Napaway. Our private suites and lie-flat beds (designed in conjunction with Butterfly flexible seating solutions a manufacturer of aircraft seats) are designed to offer riders the best rest available on a coach, period. It’s why so many organizations hire Napaway for sleeper bus charters

Translation: when you use Napaway’s sports transportation services, you unlock the ability to travel into the night—without your players arriving groggy and dying for a nap. This is exceptionally important for organizations that have to travel long distances to and from away games, but still want to be able to compete in the morning.

Coaches and players can work, study, and beyond

Unlike a traditional team bus rental, Napaway coaches offer tons of room—in addition to extra-large tray tables, charging stations, WiFi, and accessories galore. That means your staff and players can actually get work done—even if that work includes spreading out textbooks, playbooks, laptops, and tablets. 

There’s no reduction in storage space (so bring the extra equipment)

Unlike some other sports buses, Napaway coaches don’t have any reduction in storage space to accommodate for our increased comfort. That means your team can take all the equipment you need, no matter how long your road trip lasts.

That’s why so many teams love our athletic transportation services (from high schools to professionals)

At Napaway, we work with sports teams of all kinds—from professional NFL franchises to high school lacrosse clubs. Whether you’re traveling long distances for a road game or simply need high-comfort transportation for an airport-to-stadium transfer, we have you covered. We even offer unique entertainer tour bus rentals for traveling teams and organizations!

Conclusion: Make Game Day Travel Better with Napaway

Napaway is more than just the top USA sleeper bus service. It’s a premium motorcoach option that provides unprecedented flexibility, comfort, and luxury—and it’s the last word in sports team transportation services.

So, if you’re ready to get a quote for your team transportation needs, email us at or phone us at (833)-NAPAWAY. (833-627-2929). Your players (and the win column) will thank you!