Operations Status

Is Napaway still operating/in business?

Absolutely! In June, we temporarily paused our service between Washington DC and Nashville, TN in order to gear up for a major route expansion. For updates, please join our mailing list. Charters continue to be available.

Do you offer charters?

Yes! Napaway coaches are perfect for sports teams, group trips, tour groups, student transportation, touring bands & productions, and beyond. Inquire today!

COVID-19 Safety

What steps is Napaway taking to stay COVID-safe?

As part of our ongoing commitment to passenger protection and comfort, Napaway is closely following all CDC guidelines for COVID-19 safety.

Our coaches are fully sanitized between each and every trip; each coach features MERV-13 air filtration systems; and thanks to our comfortable personal suites, we’re able to ensure maximum distance between passengers both before and during trips.

How often are Napaway coaches cleaned?

Napaway coaches are fully cleaned and sanitized before each and every trip.

What type of air filters does Napaway use?

All Napaway coaches feature MERV-13 filtration systems as recommended by the CDC to protect against the COVID-19 virus.

Is Napaway CDC-compliant?

Napaway is fully CDC-compliant. Passenger safety is our one and only priority—and that starts the minute you arrive at your Napaway coach.

Does Napaway require masks to be worn onboard?

No, but they are highly encouraged.

Tickets and Reservations

What routes does Napaway offer?

New routes are coming soon! If you have a route you’d like to see offered, please submit it on our tickets page 

How do I buy a ticket?

Tickets can be purchased with our easy-to-use online booking service by clicking here.

How do I cancel a ticket?

Up to 48 hours in advance of your trip, tickets can be canceled for a $25 fee using our online booking service

What is Napaway’s refund policy?

All Napaway tickets are fully refundable for a $25/segment fee up to 48 hours in advance of your trip.

Can I book a same-day ticket?

If there’s space, tickets can be purchased up until the point the coach is scheduled to leave its origin stop. Tickets for boarding at intermediate stations may not be purchased after this time. 

Are children allowed on Napway?

For the comfort of all of our guests, only children aged 8 and older can ride with Napaway.

Are animals allowed on Napaway?

Certain animals can ride Napaway for a small fee, but we ask that they remain in their carriers at all times. For more information on our pet policy, please reach out to us at info@napaway.com.

Can dogs ride on Napaway?

We adore pups—but unfortunately, we can’t accommodate non-service dogs at this time. If you have any questions about our pets policy, please don’t hesitate to email us at info@napaway.com.

What is Napaway’s disability policy?

All Napaway coaches are fully ADA-compliant. The details of the policy can be found here.

How can I contact you?

For assistance, please send us an email at helpmeout@napaway.com.

The Napaway Experience

How many drivers are there?

All of our overnight routes have at least two drivers, with the drivers typically switching half way.

What can I expect in my personal suite?

Each of our personal Butterfly convertible suites includes two seats (which fold down to together make one bed), two 14×13 fold-out desks, a Napaway Nap Kit, in-seat power outlets, coat hooks, a pull-down privacy shade, a ½”-thick memory foam mattress pad, and tons of other pockets, device holders, bells, and whistles.

How large are the suites?

Our personal suites measure 5 feet x 3.3 feet and feature 13.2 square feet of usable space.

How do Napaway’s Butterfly suites work?

Within your private Butterfly suite you will find a set of two seats, one slightly in front of the other. You can ride with them both upright in office mode, or lie one flat to create a sofa—which we call lounge mode. Or, lay them both flat to create a 6.5-foot-long bed. 

Both seats are yours to lounge in, and don’t worry: we provide a ½”-thick memory foam mattress pad to make your bed as cozy as can be.

With a full 40 inches of hip width (compared to 25 inches in business class), we’ve designed our seats to provide maximum comfort—whether they’re in office, lounge, or bed mode. 

How many passengers can travel per suite?

Currently, each passenger must book their own suite—since each of our lie-flat beds is designed for just one person!

Are there seatbelts?

Yes, each of our seats has a 3-point seat belt. When the suite is converted to a bed, there is also a 2-point belt that goes across the hips.

Does Napaway offer refreshments?

We offer bottled water on all of our coaches, with other snack items available for purchase at departure and arrival points.

Can I bring my own food on board?

Absolutely! While we ask that you don’t bring anything pungent enough to disrupt your neighbors (sorry, Limburger lovers), anything else is fair game.

What type of restroom facilities does Napaway offer?

Every Napaway coach is equipped with one airline-style restroom. This equates to one restroom per 18 passengers. The average Boeing 737, on the other hand, has just 2 or 3 restrooms for a full 150–200 passengers!

What amenities can I expect?

Napaway provides everything you need for a comfortable, restful travel experience—blankets, pillows, earplugs, high-speed WiFi, and more. To see a full list of the amenities you can expect on Napaway, click here.

Does Napaway make rest stops?

Napaway coaches make at least one rest stop per journey, and stops are roughly 15 minutes long. You can get off and stretch your legs if you’d like—but you’ll probably be asleep!

How often are Napaway’s coaches cleaned?

Napaway coaches are fully cleaned and sanitized after each and every trip.

Is there an attendant on board?

While there isn’t an onboard attendant, your Napaway Captain (aka driver) can assist you with anything and everything you need for a safe and comfy trip.

Can I smoke on Napaway?

There is no smoking or vaping allowed on Napaway coaches.

How does Napaway's carbon footprint compare to flying?

Napaway’s carbon footprint is less than half of flying the same distance on a typical airplane! And less than a quarter when you consider the secondary effects of high-altitude emissions. 

Can I use my CPAP machine?

Yes, you may use your CPAP machine on board. Each seat has outlets that supply sufficient power for CPAP usage. 

Preparing to Travel

How much luggage can I travel with?

As much as you can carry! We have zero restrictions when it comes to luggage weight. Translation: bags you would pay hundreds of dollars to take on an airplane can ride Napway for free!

Do I have to pay to check bags?

Nope! You can check 2 pieces of luggage for free; after that, there is a small fee of $25/bag.

How many carry-on bags am I allowed?

As many as you like! Our overhead bins are roughly the size of a backpack, but you can ride with whatever you want in your personal suite.

Can I bring a bicycle?

Yes, absolutely!

Unfolded bicycles are subject to the $25 extra bag fee (even if they are one of your first two checked pieces of luggage).

Folded, boxed or similarly packaged bicycles can be brought for free, and just count as one of the two free checked pieces of luggage.

How early do I need to arrive for check-in?

We ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled departure time. Passengers that do not check in at least 10 minute prior to departure risk losing their reservation.

What can and can’t I bring onboard?

Napaway does not allow weapons, open alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, disruptive objects (pungent food, stereos, etc.) or disruptive behavior on board.

Won’t riding Napaway take way longer than flying?
There’s no question about it—flying is always going to be faster than driving. But when you factor in all the wasted wait time that airline travel entails, riding Napaway just makes sense.Think about it: when you fly out of any major airport, you have to: 
  • Schlep all the way out to the airport.
  • Wait in line to check-in, drop your bags, and get through security (with all the anxiety, and chaos that experience includes).
  • Wait for your flight to board, then wait to get seated, then wait for everyone else to get seated.
  • Wait in line for an open runway just to take off—and once you’re in the air, you have to get to cruising altitude before you can even open your laptop! 
  • Wait to deplane, then wait for your bags at the carousel, and then wait for transportation out of the airport and into town.
We’re exhausted just thinking about it.With Napaway, you simply arrive and go—saving hours upon hours of uncomfortable wasted wait time. Sure, Napaway routes take a bit longer than flying. But wouldn’t you rather spend all that time doing work, watching movies, or snoozing in a cozy suite? We sure would.