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Sleeper Bus USA: The Napaway Difference

Napaway now offers sleeper bus charters across the country! Fill out our charter request form or call us at 833-NAPAWAY for price quotes and more information.

Trying to find the best USA sleeper buses? Maybe you’re wondering if sleeper buses even exist in the United States! Either way, we’ve got the answer.

In this guide, we’ll explain everything there is to know about different bus options in the united states—and explain why Napaway offers a new kind of USA sleeper bus that’s unlike anything else on the road. 

So: what are the different bus options you have, and how does a Napaway coach differ from existing types of bus travel in the USA (like commuter buses, intercity coaches, and private charters)? 

Bus Travel in the USA: An Overview

Bus travel in the USA is broadly split between commuter (aka transit) buses and intercity motor coaches. What’s the difference between these two bus options?

Commuter Bus vs. Intercity Motor Coach

Commuter buses are probably what you think of any time you hear about bus travel. These are the buses that follow a pre-scheduled route and take you to various points throughout a single city or metropolitan area. 

Commuter buses emphasize capacity over comfort, with most sandwiching standing room between tightly packed rows of seats.

Intercity motor coaches, on the other hand, travel much longer routes between cities and other major destinations. Napaway is an intercity coach, which is why we generally talk about our service as a sleeper coach USA option, rather than a sleeper bus USA option. However, the two words are (more or less) interchangeable. 

Motor coaches are much more comfortable, don’t feature standing room, and some (like Napaway) are designed to put comfort first.

And What are Charter Buses?

While many intercity coaches travel preset routes, there are also charter options that allow you to create and follow your own schedule. Translation: renting a bus! This service is then further broken down into seated, sleeper, and entertainer options.

What are Seated Motor Coaches?

Seated coaches sit between 45–55 people with minimal legroom. The experience is basic, if not cramped. Technically, you can sleep on a seated coach but sleeping isn’t even remotely factored into this type of coach’s design. 

These are probably what you think of when you think of intercity bus transit (think Greyhound).

What are Sleeper Coaches (aka Sleeper Buses)? 

Next, we have sleeper coaches, which can be configured in many different ways (there’s no standard layout). But they still tend to emphasize capacity over comfort and privacy. They are typically used by sports teams or other similar larger groups traveling to an event.

Technically speaking, Napaway is a sleeper motor coach—but as we’ll explain below, Napaway’s sleeper bus USA service is so much more.

What are Entertainer Coaches (aka Tour Buses)?

Finally, entertainer coaches are customized sleeper coaches tailored to the personal needs of their passengers who often spend many months on the road. These coaches are popular in the music and entertainment industry, and include premium amenities like showers, onboard kitchens, and lounge spaces with couches. 

Most often they provide enough room for 12 people to sleep in their own cubby-like bunk space. And generally, these bunks sit directly atop one another (3-high) so you may have to climb to your bunk. Moreover, you’ll likely only have enough room to lie down flat while in your bunk. So, despite the VIP pricing and features, passengers still suffer limited space on their bunk (which isn’t ideal considering the lengths these passengers are on the road).

Of the three choices, seated coaches are certainly the least comfortable. However, none of the three can offer capacity, comfort, and privacy. And this is where Napaway comes in!

How The Napaway Coach Is Different

Napaway takes the perks of sleeper buses and entertainer buses—and brings them so much further.

Unlike a sleeper’s tiny bunk, Napaway coaches offer private suites

Better yet: Napaway gives you options. You can either sit like you would on a seated coach (but with much more legroom). Or, you can flip your seats into an actual bed with plenty of space to lie prone or sit with your legs stretched out—13 square feet of space, to be precise. In either case, you’ll have enough room to sleep, work, or play while you travel—and you can change the configuration at any time.

Plus, Napaway Offers Convenient Point-to-Point Travel

Unlike a chartered sleeper bus (which you have to rent), or average intercity motor coaches (which often leave from airports), Napaway’s sleeper coaches offer convenient point-to-point service.

Coaches leave from and arrive at city-central locations, meaning you don’t have to schlep all the way out to the airport or pay huge Uber fees. You simply board, relax in your suite, nap in your lie-flat bed, and arrive at your destination the next morning refreshed and ready to roll. It’s surprisingly quick, too—check out this DC to Nashville case study to see what we mean.

And Napaway’s Overnight Bus Trips are More Comfortable, Too

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Napaway is simply more comfortable (and private) than any other sleeper bus company. 

Other companies might offer buses that qualify as sleeper buses, but they’re not made for sleep the way Napaway coaches are. 

The Napaway Coach is the Best Sleeper Bus in the USA

There’s little room for doubt: Napaway offers a travel experience that’s above and beyond anything line-run buses and ordinary charter options offer. 

With Napaway, you’re granted the freedom to truly make your journey your own: sleep, relax, or stay productive without nosey neighbors. We started Napaway because it’s the travel option we wanted. And when you ride, we think you’ll agree!

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