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Napaway bus in front of the Washington Monument, Washington DC

Need a Washington DC Charter Bus Rental? Read This First.

If you’re looking for a charter bus rental in Washington DC, you should know that not all Washington DC charter buses are created equal. While your standard charter buses can fit a lot of passengers, they aren’t exactly comfortable. And if you’re driving through the night, you can forget about sleeping. Plus, there’s zero privacy—not great for longer trips. 

So what’s the solution? How do you get the very best Washington DC charter bus possible? The answer might not surprise you: it’s Napaway Coach! Napaway’s Washington DC-based charter bus rental service is the best in the business for so many reasons, which we’ll dive into below. 

And when you’re done reading, you can reach out to charters@napaway.com or call (833)-NAPAWAY (833-627-2929) for charter information and inquiries!

Napaway Provides a Premium Take on Washington DC Charter Bus Service

If you’re not familiar, Napaway is a new kind of premium coach that combines the comfort, privacy, and service of a first-class airline suite with the convenience and flexibility of bus travel. 

Our coaches are divided into 18 private suites, all of which boast 13 square feet of usable space. Each suite features two business-class extra-legroom seats that, together, convert into a 6.5-foot-long full-flat bed—for a total coach capacity of 36 passengers.

Translation: Napaway is the most comfortable, private, and flexible charter bus rental company in the Washington DC area—period.

More Privacy and Comfort Than Any Other DC Charter Bus Rental

Other Washington DC-based charter bus companies offer just that: traditional charter buses. They have a high capacity, but as we mentioned before, they aren’t particularly comfortable. 

To use the airline comparison: traditional charter buses are like flying coach. Napaway is like flying first class. 

When you use a Napaway charter, every passenger is going to be comfortable—whether they’re occupying an entire private suite or a single business-class seat. Every one of our seats is larger than a standard charter bus seat, and with more hip and shoulder width too. 

Napaway Interior Space

Plus, our suites really are private. With our privacy dividers, aisle-side curtains, and full-flat, 6.5-foot-long memory foam mattresses, you might as well be traveling in your living room.

Amazing Flexibility and Capacity

Like we mentioned, each of Napaway’s 18 suites can be converted into two business-class, extra-legroom seats. 

Because these suites can be converted quickly and easily by passengers themselves, the actual capacity for one of our Washington DC charter bus rentals can be anywhere from 18 to 36 passengers. 

Translation: whatever capacity you need, a Napaway charter can meet it. Want to offer your guests ultimate comfort? Give each of them a private suite. Need to carry more passengers out of our nation’s capital? Double your capacity while maintaining supreme comfort with our extra-legroom executive seats.

Fun fact: Napaway is an ideal sports team bus charter since players can stretch out in their own private suites while their entire coaching staff sits in comfort. 

While we can’t say who due to legal reasons, we do provide transportation for a certain professional sports team (along with tons of university, minor-league, and high school teams). We even have a high-capacity sports team sleeper, called the UltraLiner, in the works.

Internet and Amenities Galore

Napaway offers onboard Wi-Fi in addition to a huge array of other amenities. We’re talking about ​full-sized tray tables that can fit a laptop and more; we’re talking about multiple plugs that have enough power to charge electronics while running CPAP machines; we’re talking about cupholders, phone holders, and every other holder you can think of.

Translation: if your passengers want to work, sleep, or do anything else while in transit—besides sit straight up while packed like sardines the way they would on any other DC charter bus rental—Napaway is the best choice. 

It’s why Napaway is such a great entertainment tour bus charter option too—performers, tour managers, and roadies can actually, you know, relax and do work while between destinations. There’s no dead time!

Plus, Napaway is Literally Built for Great Sleep

Have you ever tried to sleep on a charter bus? Unless you were really tired, you probably weren’t able to. In our experience, when you’re on the road, only a full-flat bed offers any chance at a great night’s sleep. Luckily, great sleep is what Napaway is made for

Unlike the uncomfortable (and dangerous) bunks on most sleeper coaches, Napaway’s full-flat beds boast memory foam mattress pads—with no cubbies to awkwardly climb into (or fall out of). And with our high-quality pillows, bedding, and light-blocking privacy barriers, your passengers can sleep soundly. It really is the best night of sleep you’ll ever get on the road, and the best sleeper bus charter around.

Need a Charter Bus in Washington DC? Use Napaway.

All of that to say: we believe that Napaway is the best Washington DC charter bus rental option around, and we think you will too. Napaway is much more than the best sleeper bus in the USA—it’s the best coach transportation option, for daytime or overnight trips, period.

For more information on our DC-based charter bus rentals, reach out to charters@napaway.com or call (833)-NAPAWAY (833-627-2929).